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Good Food and Good People: Potluck Dinner ’10

AT 6:30 pm on Tuesday, November 16th, the SCA hosted its first annual Potluck Dinner. Students and faculty each brought in a dish to share with the other diners. Foods ranged from chocolate cake to lasagna. While the food was quite scrumptious, the event was also a wonderful opportunity for the chemistry faculty and students to bond. It was a great time! Below are photos from the dinner:


Community Fest: A Success!

On Saturday, October 9th, the SCA participated in TCNJ’s annual Community Fest. From 10 to 2 pm, children and adults of all ages mixed hydrogen peroxide with soap, food coloring, and yeast, to create “elephant toothpaste” (Dr. O’Connor’s idea). The children especially had a good time trying out the “mad scientist” role, and a few even stated that they hope to be a chemist one day. Great job, SCA!

For more information on the science behind elephant toothpaste:

From the Pizza Party!

Chemistry clubbers enjoy the delicious pizza given out at the SCA meeting on Wednesday, September 22, 2010.

We need volunteers for the Community Festival on October 9th from 10 am to 2 pm. We’ll be making Elephant toothpaste!

Also, our goggles have been shipped and we’re well-stocked with our famous “I’m on a boat” shirts. We’ll also be purchasing lab coats, which we hope to decorate. If you’re interested in purchasing any (or all!) of the previously-mentioned items, please email us at

The career fair is THIS FRIDAY! We recommend that you attend and get some ideas as to what you hope to do in the future (grad school, industry, etc).